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Mark Maier from Alkmaar (NL) on 03.08.2013 during a test on Lake Constance:

Mark Maier FreeStyle-Canoeist

"A very likable boat - trouble free and easy!"
"It is heeled very stable."
"A boat that carves through the turns very well."


 (Mark paddles his own Felicity since 2015 and joined our LCC proTEAM in 2017

Watch Mark's video review

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Wouter Kieboom after his testpaddle at Kringelfieber 2015

"The Felicity is a surprisingly well balanced boat that allows the competent paddler very exact maneuvers. The elegant way in which it moves on the water, could very well make this a perfect Freestyle boat for lighter people. I myself will have to wait for a XL version."