felicity \fi-ˈli-sə-tē\
        :  the quality or state of being happy; especially 

        :  great happiness <marital felicity>
        :  an instance of happiness
        :  something that causes happiness


The Felicity is a precise and agile 13' solo canoe. Designed as Freestyle / touring canoe, the Felicitiy's home are lentic waters as well as not to wild small rivers. Despite its short length, it paddles very easily and its moderate rocker makes for great maneouverebility while showing very defined handling characteristics. It is the ideal canoe for paddlers who like to continuously develop their skills.

We build the Felicity in a vacuum infused all-natural-fibers laminate. It has tension free integrated gunwales made of cork cores which provide improved shape-persistence of the hull. The hand woven, contoured Freestyle seat provides perfect legroom for heeling.

The natural materials we use, the molded seat bars and thwarts, made of light paulownia and ash wood and the visible laminate with solvent a free gelcoat and optional colored outer fabric layer give this boat its very special and distinctive character. Especially experienced paddlers will not just let themselves be blinded by its look. They appreciate the Felicity's direct handling characteristics, how easily it moves and the delicate reaction on every paddle move and weight shift, as well as its reliable final stability.

The Felicity is a fun boat that invites to enjoy pure paddling delight.


Felicity Solo Sport Canoe made form flax fiber

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