ACA Instructor Training

The American Canoe Association's license to teach canoeing

ACA Instructor Training

Your path to teaching certification in canoeing according to the criteria of the American Canoe Association (ACA)


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • First aid course not older than two years
  • Membership in the American Canoe Association (can be applied for shortly before the start) and SEIC (Standards Education and Instruction Council) (can be applied for after the workshop has finished)
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good technical skills at the desired certification level

Certification Level

We conduct certifications at all three levels of the Canoe Touring branch of the ACA curriculum.

  • Level 1: Introduction to Canoeing and Quickstart your Canoe (Solo and Tandem)
  • Level 2: Essentials of Canoe Touring (Solo and Tandem)
  • Level 3: Freestyle Canoeing

The candidates should already have good knowledge and skills in their desired certification level. If you are not sure about your self-assessment, talk to us. We will help you with the clarification and can help you prepare if necessary.


The certification is divided into two parts. An Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) and the Instructor Certification Exam (ICE)

In the first part, we work on all the skills required for certification. This includes a clear and clean presentation of paddling techniques, but also presentations, group and risk management, safety techniques and problem analysis and communication skills. During the workshop, participants receive ongoing feedback from IT and the other candidates. After the IDW, the participants usually have several weeks to work on their skills.

This is followed by the ICE, the examining part of the certification. There is not one test to be completed, but the participants are under observation the entire time. In addition to further improvements in paddling technique and various presentations, the participants practice teaching paddling skills in small units. They always get feedback and also give feedback to their colleagues. Based on the observations in this workshop, the participants will be assessed and certified.


It may happen that a participant is not yet ready for certification at the desired level. In this case he can be certified for a lower level. If the deficits are not too great and can be remedied in a reasonable amount of time, the IT also has the means of continuation. For this purpose, the critical points are listed in detail and it is specified when the candidate will be ready for certification at the desired level. This gives him the opportunity to do some follow-up work and he can then present himself to an IT again to have the points in question checked. In some cases, the demonstration on a video is sufficient.


The certification is valid for four years. To remain certified, the instructor must be a continuing ACA member. In addition, he must, via reports, prove a minimum number of two courses at the highest level of his certification within the four years, complete a first aid training every two years and do an update with an IT. An update is, for example, assistance with a course or a certification for the next higher level.

More Info

The American Canoe Association website Under the heading Education / Instruction you will find extensive information on the disciplines, the ACA curriculum, the requirements for obtaining and maintaining certification and much more.

We want our candidates to have the best chance of certification at the desired level, and we support our candidates as mentors with intensive support. That is why we plan certification workshops long-term and only carry them out when there are enough suitable candidates. These often come from all over Europe. We will then set the dates together. If you are interested in an ACA certification, you should contact us as early as possible. Questions can best be clarified in direct discussions.


Upcoming certifications

  • April 14 / June 23, 2023 - "ACA Instructor Level 2 - Essentials of Canoe Touring" Ludwigshafen a.Rh., Germany
  • 2024 - "ACA Instructor Level 3 - Freestyle Canoeing"

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